About Us

Our Core Business

Technologies: Ayalon core business is distribution of prepaid services using a mobile technology which interfaces with Wireless Application Protocols (WAP) on all mobile phones which are WAP enabled, Smart Grid Management Solution and Financial Services.
Consulting: Geared deliberately towards development and Funding facilitation for Infrastructure projects, we deploy various funding models which are suitable to the client needs on a per projects based.
Investments: This is Ayalon special purpose vehicle wherein we invest in Joint ventures or take up equity with on project where we have direct interest, currently we have a deliberate participation in Power Plants in East African region. We are in the market to diversify our groups’ interests in the infrastructure and power sectors.

Our Vision

To provide access to cost effective services that enhance the quality of life for our communities, best service offering to our clients and partners

Our Mission:

To deliver cost-effective, reliable access to core services for customers through creating, building and retaining partnerships.

Our Objectives:

To form partnerships with relevant industry players to make products easily accessible to the consumers and development a reality