Our Business

Ayalon Technologies

has an electronic distribution system that comprises both front-end and back end software applications that are integrated to provide points of access to airtime, electricity and other virtual products that can be distributed via mobile platforms. Ayalon Technologies has strategically identified Mobile Networks Operators (MNO’s) i.e. MTN; Vodacom and Cell C and utilities such as Tshwane & Ekurhuleni Municipal Metros and Eskom in South Africa in line with our objectives

of building relationships and partnerships with relevant industry leaders making their products easily accessible to customers. Our unmatched and proved Smart Metering Solution empowers Utilities to see tangible results in terms of the following:

  • Revenue Management and Protection
  • Reduced None Technical losses
  • Real, Time of use billing
  • Grid Load balancing thus reduce load shedding
  • Profiling of each node
  • Reduce Illegal Connections
  • Power Reconciliations (Reports, Data Collection, Value etc.)

Ayalon Consulting

Being an enabler, transaction adviser and facilitator for infrastructure projects allows us to play a role in changing the landscape on development in the continent. To build funding models which not only benefit us but make such projects sustainable and realised, it is key to our costs structure and business. This then puts back the power to the client and makes them to have confidence and comfort in us on both the funding and design aspects with our partners.

Our being created follows the gap in the market in relation to project finance and service delivery lagging behind growth in some areas, we then took it upon ourselves as an entity so as to bridge the infrastructure funding shortfalls wherever we can through us and our partners.

Our experience in the market place and our partners is traceable and not just virtual or assumed, this therefore enables us to deliver solid and working tailored solutions in the market. We are constantly building, training and researching so as to be relevant in the market as our business community needs one to evolve and not be stagnant. This deliverable action creates a distribution network that in turn enhances the current distribution and service delivery challenges. Our expansion strategy includes growing to other markets in our vast continent.

We are a solutions based company that is rapidly developing into one of the leading players in taking technology based products to consumers in the predominantly under resourced and under serviced markets, the African markets makes our offering relevant. Our technology bridges the access barriers which are some of the challenges faced by utilities, distributors and governments today and these barriers turn to limit the growth and reach of product to the customers in the market place thus affecting the quality of life and development in some areas. These consumers tend to be concentrated in the rural, peri-urban, township and informal settlements around the African continent. Thus, our vision is driven by a philosophy which is that “we aim to take the services to the people”.

Vending Prepaid Services


We at Ayalon Technologies identified the various opportunities in the distribution of Prepaid Services i.e. Prepaid Electricity and Prepaid Airtime. We developed a vending platform and continue to do research and development on our systems so as for our organisation to keep and continue to be in the forefront of technology. Ayalon Technologies today is recruiting small and medium vendors as customers, they are located and are servicing communities who purchase and consume Eskom and Municipal Prepaid Electricity.

Presently Ayalon Technologies is in talks with Municipalities and Eskom, presenting our funded model for the deployment and distribution of our Smart Grid Management System which enhances revenue collection and improves distribution of Prepaid Services.

Built on the platform is another prepaid component for Prepaid Airtime we on sell on behalf of all the mobile network operators in RSA i.e. Cell C; MTN; Telkom; Vodacom and recently we added to our offering Telkom’s new mobile operator  8ta.

To do all this we use our 24/7 hosted service system with provisions for adequate redundancy to accommodate high volumes of transactions at any given time.

We believe that the provision of this service to the various communities on the back of a well-developed electronic voucher distribution system will assist all the key role players achieve their respective objectives.